Tokushima Prefecture is located on the island of Shikoku, connected to mainland Japan by the Akashi-Kaikyo and Naruto Bridges and with Tokushima City as the capital. The prefecture is best known for the summer dance festival Awa Odori, the whirlpools of Naruto and the remote and mountainous Iya Valley.

Tokushima City features several rivers and canals, adding to the location’s beauty. For tourists to experience this there is a boat tour that operates around the city center, allowing visitors to soak in the city centre and surrounding scenery.

A must-see for tourists is the Tokushima Castle, ranked among the 100 best castles of Japan. Take a stroll around the beautiful Japanese gardens and soak in the stunning architecture. Make sure you visit the castle’s museum to find out all about the history.

Visiting Tokushima is normally quite a reserved affair for tourists – as it’s a very peaceful and tranquil city – however in August this all changes. August 12th – 15th is when the Awa Odori Festival happens and on average 1 million people attend each year. The Awa Odori dance has a history dating back 400 years and the festival really is an amazing event you would not want to miss.

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