Fukuyama is the second-largest city in Hiroshima Prefecture – behind Hiroshima City – and as a result, has plenty to offer visitors. The city is perhaps best known for its stunning roses, which are celebrated each year as part of the Fukuyama Rose Festival. Fukuyama is home to a number of different sights and attractions that will appeal to all types of visitors, including museums and stunning structures, such as Fukuyama Castle, and is close to many other popular destinations.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best things to do in Fukuyama to ensure you make the most of your trip. Be sure to explore our Hiroshima section to find out more about what the wider prefecture has to offer.

Fukuyama Castle

Though much of the original Fukuyama castle was destroyed during the Second World War, this reconstruction is nothing less than breathtaking and a great example of traditional Japanese architecture. In addition to admiring its stunning appearance, visitors can also stop by the museum inside the castle or admire the Fukuyama skyline from the top of the castle. Fukuyama Castle is conveniently located nearby to Fukuyama Station, making it an unmissable sight for anyone visiting the city.

Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History

For anyone interested in learning more about the history of the Setouchi region of Japan, the Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History is definitely worth a visit. The museum is home to various artifacts and antiques relating to the culture of the region, allowing you to gain insight into its past. It also features a specific section dedicated to the medieval settlement of Kusado Sengen, including exhibits such as pottery and porcelain as well as a reconstruction.

Fukuyama Rose Festival

If you happen to be in the city during the right weekend in May, this two-day festival will show you exactly why people refer to Fukuyama as “the city of roses!” During the festival, you’ll find thousands of gorgeous roses on display around the city, which are guaranteed to take your breath away. A number of events and activities take place during Fukuyama Rose Festival as well, including parades, street performances, and stalls selling rose-themed souvenirs among many other delights.


Take a bus ride to the southern outskirts of Fukuyama and you’ll discover the small, picturesque port town of Tomonoura. The town has a lengthy history – predating Fukuyama itself – and retains a quaint charm that you can only find in a place of its size. After spending time in the city, Tomonoura is the perfect place to enjoy a slower day or two. Spend some time dining on the town’s local delicacy fresh sea bream and have a stroll around the old town centre.

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