Kagawa Mt. Shiude

Imagine a spot from where the pure, unadulterated beauty of the Seto Inland Sea can be admired. In Kagawa prefecture, such a place exists.

At 352m above sea level, western Kagawa’s Mt. Shiude presides over the Shōnai peninsula.

From the summit, three sides of the Seto Inland Sea are observable.

To the west, the islands of Hiuchi-nada and Ibuki are clearly visible, while to the north, the Kasaoka Islands of Okayama prefecture seem to float majestically on calm waters.

To the east, a scattering of islands peeps out from the depths of the sea (Awa-jima, Takami-jima, Sanagi-jima, Hon-jima…) over which the Great Seto Bridge can be seen.

Standing there, you realize that a multitude of islands reside in the Seto Inland Sea… And, recognize the profound beauty of the scene.

Mt. Shiude is also popular among flower lovers…

The array of cherry blossoms in springtime is astounding.

Against the deep blue backdrop of the sea, observing the fall of pale pink cherry blossom petals leaves one speechless.

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