Warei Taisai Uwajima Ushi-Oni Festival

This summer festival in Uwajima is one of the most famous in Shikoku. The festival is held from July 22 to 24 and starts with the Gaia Carnival, featuring street parades of dancers and musicians. The towering ushi-oni are the stars of the festival. These demonic creatures, around 5 meters long, are fashioned to resemble cows. They are carried through the streets, visiting households to ward off evil spirits. On the final night, portable shrines are carried across the Suka River to Warei Shrine. Competitors then attempt to run up a bamboo pole placed in the river to grab a sacred staff from the top. The festival closes with a spectacular fireworks display.

Basic Infomation

  • Address
    Uwajima-shi, Ehime
  • Hours
    Usually held around late July