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Things to Do and Places to Visit in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Situated in the southwestern part of the main island of Japan (Honshu), Yamaguchi is known for its rural beauty and many points of historical significance. There are many spectacular sites in the prefecture, both natural and manmade. Among the natural wonders in Yamaguchi, there are a number of serene, quiet beaches as well as Akiyoshido, one of Japan’s largest limestone caves. There are also many beautiful towns and villages to visit, featuring well-preserved shrines and castles. Among these is Shimonoseki, which is known for its stunning seafood market.

Located at the heart of the Yamaguchi is its capital, which shares its name with the prefecture. Featuring a friendly and easygoing atmosphere, the city is known for its historic temples and relaxing traditional hot springs. Among the city’s most stunning sites is Rurikoji Temple, best known for its five-storied pagoda. It is considered to be among Japan’s finest. Additionally, Yamaguchi city is perfectly adapted to be explored easily by bike and can be accessed from other cities by train or via the nearby Ube Airport.

Another of Yamaguchi Prefecture’s top sights is the city of Iwakuni. Smaller in size than the capital, it is best-known for the structurally unique Kintaikyo Bridge. This elegant wooden bridge crosses the Nishiki River and is made up of five arches set atop a set of huge stone pillars. The city is also home to many other points of interest, including the hilltop Iwakuni Castle and the wondrous Kikko Park.



Yamaguchi is surrounded by ocean, mountains and rivers and is characterized by its climate, which is comfortable throughout the year. Its natural scenery, which includes some 1,500 kilometers of coastline, is a cut above. The prefecture has Kintaikyo Bridge, one of the three most famous bridges in Japan, and other tourist attractions, and its fugu (pufferfish) is famous as a winter dish.