Mt. Shirataki Gohyaku Rakan

Mt. Shirataki is a 226 meter mountain located on Innoshima Island in the Seto Inland Sea. Along the shrine road to the summit from the foot of the mountain (about 25 minutes on foot) there are over 700 stone buddha statues, referred to as the "Gohyaku Rakan." It is said that Kashiwabara Denroku and his disciples dedicated over three years to making the hundreds of statues, starting in 1830. From the summit, visitors can see the archipelagos floating in the Seto Inland Sea and the Innoshima Bridge.



Ohama-cho, Innoshima, Shigei-cho, Innoshima, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima


+81-845-26-6212 (Onomichi City Hall, Innoshima Branch, Shimaokoshi Department)

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