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Lose time, gain life.
Gaze into the calm waters and discover yourself.

Japan's Inland Sea SETOUCHI


Learn why these three thousand islands rising majestically from calmly flowing waters hold such a special place in the Japanese psyche. Go deep and you will see not just natural beauty, but the essence of what it means to be truly alive. Discovery and delights, adventure and indulgence, a world of experience awaits you in Setouchi.


With its breathtaking scenery, rich history and deep culture, even within Japan the Setouchi area is considered a little bit special. Take a sneak peek into the unique experiences awaiting you with these movies.





3 day

A Trip to the Living History and Culture of Shikoku's Setouchi

4 day

Gifts from the Sea and Land - A Foodies' Delight Trip Through Setouchi

3 day

Road Trip to Setouchi’s Cultural Treasures

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The Setouchi Inland Sea lies at the very core of the rich culture and dynamism that is today’s Japan. It is a 450-kilometer- long liquid jewel flowing through the heart of the country, crowned in green by three thousand islands rising serenely from the placid water.

In Shinto mythology the entire world emerged from this calm. Taking in the serene bejeweled seascape, one could well believe such beauty was crafted by the hands of the gods. History tells us a more concrete story. At the dawn of this nation, in an era where mountain ranges were impenetrable, and the sky was for the birds alone, the inland sea was the primary conduit for people, for products, and for ideas.

Times change, and so has the role of this sacred body of water. Rather than carrying bounty and knowledge from outside, it now attracts people the world over, a unique mix of stimulation and tranquility that encourages one to reflect upon that which is being lost in the manic pace of our electric lives. Passing from shore to shore you can still see glimpses of a bygone era cohabiting with the modern world.

By bicycle or boat, by train, car or foot, the journey within Setouchi can be as pleasurable as the new experiences and delights waiting at your destination. Whether it is world class art, gourmet food, testing your physical limits, or diving into rich cultural experiences, your senses will be enlivened. Just as importantly, luxurious spaces to relax and indulge allow to take it all in and ponder deeper meanings.

Discover one of the crowning glories of Japan, and let the serene waters guide you to look inside on your own Setouchi Reflection Trip.