Privacy Policy

Last updated: 29. Novembre 2019

We at the Setouchi DMO Official Website (hereafter, Setouchi DMO) believe it is our obligation to protect customer information privacy, security and settings, and copyrights.

Personal Information Policy

SETOUCHI Tourism Authority (hereafter, the Authority) is an organisation that, based on cooperation between private and government sectors, aims to establish the Setouchi brand through strategic engagement in various ventures, revitalize the local economy through promotion of tourism-related industries by expanding the interaction of the local population, and realize an affluent regional community, so that people both globally and domestically recognize Setouchi as Japan’s new, leading and diverse tourist destination, and visit time and again.

  1. Any information regarding an individual that Setouchi DMO has acquired through online inquires, applications, e-mail, or telephone that may be used to identify the individual (hereafter, personal information) shall be handled in the following manner.
  2. Any information that may identify an individual is defined as personal information, including name, address, telephone number, email address and such.
  3. In any situation where Setouchi DMO requests personal information, it shall be made explicitly clear for what purpose said personal information is being requested, and only personal information within the scope of expressed purpose shall be acquired.
  4. Setouchi DMO shall take appropriate measures for the proper use of, and to prevent the leakage, falsification, misuse, illegal access, breach of security of personal information.
  5. Setouchi DMO shall not provide the acquired personal information to a third party, except in the following cases:
    a. An official written request for disclosure from a party with a legal right to request disclosure.
    b. With the explicit consent of the individual concerned.
  6. In the case of a request for disclosure or correction of personal information by an individual, Setouchi DMO shall only comply after verifying the individual through specified methods.
  7. Setouchi DMO shall comply with laws, ordinances, national guidelines and regulations regarding personal information protection, and strive to adhere to future changes.


All information that is posted on the Setouchi DMO Official Website (text, photographs, images, etc.) are protected by the Copyrights Law. Any unauthorized copying, reproduction, and sales are strictly forbidden except in cases stated by the Copyrights Law.


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